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Office Property

Office Property

18yo fatally shot by 2 men, no charges filed. Is the DA wrong?

I have linked the full news article below, but in a nutshell: Two couples were hanging out one night, the young women decided to "play a prank" on their partners by hiding in the woods. Their partners come outside to hear them laughing 15ft away in the dark and both men proceeded to shoot into the


Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Some context on commercial property: the most expensive commercial property transaction in 2022 was 1.7 billion USD. Trump claims Mar A Lago is worth a similar amount.

Most expensive commercial sales [here]( The most expensive one ($1.7 billion USD) is: 1. on Park Ave 2. in Manhatta

London, Ontario

London () is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

User ID to AutoFill form with user information from (table/query).

Hello everyone, I am still a beginner with Access and I’m already trying to accomplish the impossible at least to me they are impossible tasks! So the thing is I’m trying to make an Access file that would be easier for the Employees to request sick leave, vacation leave, and other documents for wo

Adding parameters to a query (NOT Power Query)

Excel 2019. I want to add a start and end date to a query, then get these values from 2 cells in Excel. I followed [these steps](,On%20the%20Data%20tab%2C%20in%20

Indiana Criminal Mischief (B Misd.) and Temporary Personal Property Damage OVER MUSTARD?

I was issued a summons for committing Criminal Mischief **IC 35-43-1-2** vandalism in most states) a few weeks after an event where I may or may not have squirted mustard on a duvet of a former significant other. My question after reviewing the Code is in the definition of "damages or defaces." I