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Looking for some answers about Rice Creek Regional Park

I spend a lot of time hiking around the northern corridor of the Rice Creek Trail (just east of 35W above 694). If you ignore the mosquitos, there’s an extensive system of deer paths that lead to some quite gorgeous scenery. Last week, I found some cracked asphalt along one of these beaten paths. It

London, Ontario

London () is a city in southwestern Ontario, Canada, along the Quebec City–Windsor Corridor.

[CA] My car was totaled and insurance bought my car, do I owe sales tax and is the payout included in gross income?

I live in California and was in a rear-end collision which resulted in my car being declared a total loss and insurance buying it from me. The payout was itemized and one of the items listed is sales tax. I'm wondering if I need to send that sales tax amount to the state. When I googled my situation


Batam is the largest city in the province of Riau Islands, Indonesia.

Imposter Snoots - kill and report!

Hey everyone! I just wanted to come on here as a chance to educate the community where the information can be lacking. No shade to anyone at all, I just want to save our trees. The imposter snoot pictures above is a **Spotted Lanternfly Nymph** and it’s various life stages. They are INCREDIBLY!!!!

Can we get domestic SafeMoon wind turbines? Some thoughts on why we probably should...

Many U.S. states not only have high potential wind energy but the federal government and many states also offer property tax credit, up to 100% tax exemption of the appraised value for the installation of qualifying renewable energy including wind and solar. Example: [Texas Renewable Energy Devic

Sony Music files trademark application for NFT-authenticated music

American music giant Sony Music Entertainment has signaled intentions to utilize [non-fungible token](,a%20set%20of%20exceptional%20properties.)s (NFTs) after filing a trademark application cove