Childhood Education

Childhood Education

Childhood Education

despite overwhelming evidence, why american students are reluctant to go into STEM majors?

"petroleum engineering majors make about $120,000 a year, compared with $29,000 annually for counseling psychology majors. Math and computer science majors earn $98,000 in salary, while early childhood education majors get paid about $36,000" see the following link for complete article: http://ww

Lake Tahoe Unified School District

Lake Tahoe Unified School District (LTUSD) is a public school district in El Dorado County, California, United States.

Opinion- Budgeting parents need family outings category

Early childhood education needs to begin as soon as practical. You can absolutely take your infant to the zoo or to a park. Where's the Christmas and birthday budget? As important as getting out of debt is your kiddo's outings are an expense that is necessary. I keep hearing repeated memories aren't

Alcohol education

Alcohol education is the practice of disseminating information about the effects of alcohol on health, as well as society and the family unit.

Tower Hill station- guy in suit with drawings of fish

recently started travelling this route in the evenings. there's a black guy in a suit in the underpass- he just stands there but has a brief case open with drawings of what look like pretty basic fish covered- sort of like [this one](

How Parents Can Help Nurture Early Childhood Education?

Parents are their first teachers from the moment a child is born until they become adults. Parents’ traditional roles include teaching, leading, and nurturing children to become strong community members. When their children start formal schooling, most parents allow the school to take over a signif

Policy Proposal: Child Allowance

I propose a $250/month allowance per child to each family in the country. This allowance will replace the existing Child Tax Credit. This monthly amount will be paid out by the Social Security Administration. ​ Estimates suggest a child allowance of such magnitude could reduce child pov