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Personal Investing

Personal Investing

DUCA Grow Canada GIC. Good deal?

Hello PFC, This seems not to violate the rules per my reading but do delete (with my apologies) if it does. I stumbled on Duca's [Grow Canada GIC]( (link, PDF) which p

ETF or Mutual Fund for long-term investing

Let’s say I have $25k to invest in a standard index fund. I’m looking at either VTI or VTSAX. According to [this post](,with%20a%20particular%20investing%20strategy.) there is essentially no difference be

Pixel 5: Last update Oct 2023,the%20best%20long%2Dterm%20investment. Just read an article that the last update for the Pixel 5 is October 2023. This has never bothered me but the author recommends replaci


Gamestop has been shorted into the ground. We know this, and here is some DD I have put together with sources. # I AM NOT A FINANCIAL ADVISOR. THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. PLEASE DO NOT SUE ME IF PEOPLE MAKE OR LOSE MONEY. Most of these numbers are estimates and are not exact, but this is hopeful

KYS: Share Market Investment Strategies Ideas In Nepali

Check it out here []( [\#KYS]( [\#knowyourself]( [\#sharegyan]( [\#mrexplorer](