Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Weight Loss

Hair loss disclaimer...

Just a little note for those of you experiencing hair loss... please know that this is NOT a side effect of the medication. It's a side effect of LOSING WEIGHT. Please understand that you are literally shoking your system when you lose alot of weight. Your body WILL react to this change. Do no

Start school later movement

In the United States, the start school later movement is an interdisciplinary effort by health professionals, sleep researchers, educators, community advocates, parents, students, and other concerned citizens working for school hours that give students an opportunity to get enough sleep at optimal t

The Complete Guide to Teenage Weight Loss and How to Achieve it.

Teenagers who struggle with [weight loss](https://www.fitsomaguide.com/search/label/Weight%20Loss?&max-results=5) often feel like they're on an island. Despite the negative consequences that come with obesity, they feel unable to ask for help or reach out to others. This article offers some t

New report: Balancing the Scales, a guide for PBMs on whether to cover

[https://info.goodrootinc.com/hubfs/Goodroot/Weight%20Loss%20Drugs/Goodroot\_Weight\_Loss\_Drug\_Insight\_Guide.pdf](https://info.goodrootinc.com/hubfs/Goodroot/Weight%20Loss%20Drugs/Goodroot_Weight_Loss_Drug_Insight_Guide.pdf) ​ Hopefully that's accessible to everyone. There is good

Clinical Trial - Oral Semaglutide

Just wanted to make people aware of a study I came across for oral semaglutide on clinical[trials.gov](https://trials.gov). (I searched the group so hopefully this isn't a duplicate.) It's for a pill version of wegovy/ozempic, and the cost of the medication should be included. You would have to tit

2 years, 110 pounds. Quite a journey, and it's not over.

I'm new to /r/loseit, and I'm not a big time redditor to begin with, but I wanted to share my journey. I still have some weight to lose, but I hope someone will see my own progress and realize that it is very possible to do. To give some back story, I was an incredibly lazy, unmotivated, compass