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Consumer Banking

Consumer Banking

Powering the Future of FinTech with Machine Learning: Uncovering Groundbreaking Applications Transforming Finance and Tech Industries

​ Financial Technology, or FinTech, has been revolutionizing the finance world by leveraging technology and innovative approaches to provide better financial

Ulster Bank

Ulster Bank (Irish: Banc Uladh) is a large retail bank, and one of the traditional Big Four Irish clearing banks.

Is now the time to buy a house or wait?

**tl;dr,** buy house cash now or wait for let the sellers suffer more? ​ **Full text:** Hypothetically speaking if someone were in the position to buy a house right now. Cash down. No mortgage needed. Is now the time? **The Facts:** Looking at late car payments, insolvency rates . T

NIO Gets $75 Price Target from JP Morgan, $70 dollars from Deutsche and $71 from Credit Suisse. Tesla gets $900 Price Target from BOA.

Link for NIO: Link for TSLA:

Wall St Member Banks have been packaging MBS in to CMBS... Wall St started to accumulate entire neighborhoods and pass them off as CMBS... CMBS is MBS 2.0.... Its called "Private Label CMBS" and almost entirely funded by Member Banks...

Good morning Apes of the world. I do believe that Wall St started to package entire neighborhoods in to CMBS... They are essentially wrapping up entire neighborhoods and calling it "CMBS". This has artificially kept the prices of housing/rents up. The FED... Pays money to "member banks" to pass th

CFPB Announcement re Payment Apps

In light of the recent CFPB notice warning payment app consumers of the lack of protections available on popular apps such as Venmo, Cash App, etc. I wanted to know if you’re aware of the specific safeguards Wealthfront has. More specifically on the Cash Account, are those funds being swept into FDI