Personal Debt

Personal Debt

Personal Debt

Debt - More Than Financial Weight

A quick comment because I was pretty surprised by this. It's totally possible that this was widely understood and I'm late to the party, but I was taken aback: According to the [Wikipedia article on Admission to the bar](

CMV: ppl calling for the president to cancel student dept and claiming that it is easy as signing with a pen are misguided and plain wrong.

right now i see a lot of people calling on president Biden to cancel student debt. news channels, senators, students etc etc are all calling for it asking the president to sign an executive order cancelling all student dept. well it is not as easy as ppl say. currently, according to the student lo

Upstart feels scummy

Does anybody else get bad vibes that the gang does Upstart ads? I know they don't choose their own sponsors personally and that it comes from above, but personal loan companies, as opposed to getting a personal loan from a bank, are generally pretty predatory, and for a channel (and network of chann

An Analysis of "The Everything Short"

In this post I am going to expand on the DD done by u/atobitt regarding the US Treasury and their issuance of Notes, Bills, and Bonds (yes there is a difference). Also, credit to u/MediaCorrectness for showing me how to add pictures within the text. Let’s start off with the basics because the wh

[Self] Is it really that much?

I was wondering if the richest person of the USA could pay of the debt (28.430.000.000.000 dollars) (source:,%2428.43%20trillion%20in%20federal%20debt.) of the USA. The answer is no, but even the 10 riches