Career Planning

Career Planning

Career Planning

Forget about college

I’ve been spending quite a lot of time on this sub lately and it really breaks my heart to see how many people are struggling to find their path. So many people who feel stuck in jobs they hate, and even scarier, people asking for advice to help choose a major that they don’t care about, just becaus

Vancouver isn’t cheap. Which general employers have the best benefits to make things easier?

I’ll start by going over SFU and UBC, both of which I’m familiar with. UBC and SFU both offer defined benefit pension plans that pay out at 1.2% ([SFU](

Urgent: Doctorsvote BMA declassified warning to the profession. Warning: The erosion of the medical profession as the deliberate DHSC long term plan for NHS workforce provision

A Doctorsvote BMA councillor's declassified warning to the profession - originally sent as an email to BMA council and UKJDC on Feb 24th 2023.  Declassified now to warn the profession - ahead of the imminent release of the NHS workforce plans in July 2023. Please read, reflect, disseminate and disc

Phil McLaughlin AMA: 2021-22 Neoliberal Project Hill Fellow with the New Democrat Coalition

Hi All, Phil here! For the past 10 months I have been the CNL Policy Fellow with the [New Democrat Coalition](, a moderate caucus of 99 Members in the U.S. House. During this time I have covered part of our policy portfolio - housing, infrastructure, climate,

Prompts that I used for job seeking

1. Perfecting Your Resume First impressions matter. Tailor your resume for each application and let it resonate. With [FlowGPT's specialized prompt](, elevate your resume from the ordinary. 🔗 **Pro-tip:** Use FlowGPT's prompt as your